We stock a comprehensive range of high quality IE2 Motors at competitive prices.     415V Three Phase & 240V Single Phase.

Standard METRIC:  IP55 Frame sizes, Multi-mount upto D132 frame, including; B3 - Foot Mounted, B5 - Flange Mounted, B14 - Face Mounted

Imperial B56 Frame: Available as either Drip-Proof or TEFC (Totally-Enclosed-Fan-Cooled) with a range of mounting options including Bolted-Foot, Flange and Resilient mount.

We also supply Geared motors, including PUJOL and Parvalux, and also DC Motors, including; BALDOR, FINCOR, LEESON, EMERSON.  Contact us now for more information!


Si (Système international d'unités)

Newton, unit of mechanical force

Tesla, unit of magnetic field strength




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