Lathe Speed Controls Warrington

Looking for effective lathe speed controls Warrington

For any machining job, there is always a cutting speed that is just right. When you use the speed control, you are always going to get the speed that gives you comfortable working tools yet still give a high quality finish guaranteed. Using Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency inverter is the best choice since it has three phase motors which will enable your machine tool to be fully unleashed. Newton Tesla Limited is a renowned company that supplies the most effective lathe speed controls Warrington. So buying lathe speed controls Warrington from us is the perfect decision you can make.

Newton Tesla Limited specializes in servicing, design and supply of variable speed drivers and also in factory automation systems ranging from 0.1KW to 2000 KW. We have been in business since 1987 thus have the experience and capability to deliver the best services. We are located in Warrington, Cheshire and have been the leading company in the supply of inverter & motor packages and woodturning lathes since 1987. All Newton Tesla products are CE/UL approved and are compliant. Our Quality Management systems are accredited by BS EN ISO2001;2015. Our range of products comprise of lathe speed controls Warrington, lathe speed control systems for Boxford, Myford ML7 &Super 7, WARCO metal working lathes and Raglan.

Lathe Speed Control Warrington

Lathe Speed Control Warrington

About our lathe speed controls Warrington

We also have electric factory automation products for Mitsubishi which comprise of; Control panel design and build, Servo Motion and Positioning control, PLCs, HMIs and Operator Terminal and lastly, Variable Frequency Inverter Drives. We are known to be the leading lathe speed controls Warrington supplier. We ensure that we supply lathe speed controls that have the right cutting speed and that have full speed control and which will not give tool chatter.

Newton Tesla uses Mitsubishi electric variable frequency inverter drives and new three phase motors to unleash the full potential of your machine. Being the leading supplier of lathe speed controls Warrington, we take pride in our technical and aftersales support to get your lathe speed controls system up and running.  For technical support service, you can contact us through our telephone number 01925 444773, and we are available from 8 am to 10 pm, every day of the week.

Our variable speed control solutions are available for machines such as; WARCO BV-20, WMT300, BH600, GH1332, Union Graduate & Jubilee Wood Working Lathes among others. Some of the jobs which are made easier using lathe speed controls Warrington include; Screw-cutting, Drilling operations from the tailstock, Reaming Operations, Tapping blind holes from tailstock and parting off large diameter bars among others. With full electrical lathe speed controls Warrington you can adjust the spindle speed without having to stop the machine. You are also able to adjust the speed as the diameter change, and this ensures that your tool does not  chatter. You will also be able to acquire the preferred surface finish.

Our lathe speed controls Warrington are available in packages ranging from basic inverter packages to complete pre-wired systems with a dual-voltage 3ph motor.

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