Mitsubishi D720S High Performance Single-to-Three Phase Inverters

Suitable for providing variable speed control on lathes, machine tools, bench drills, fume / kitchen extractor fans, Bandsaws, Circulation pumps, Conveyors, Wood Turning lathes, Compressors, Car ramps, Hoists, Turntables, Roller shutter doors, Car park and security barriers, blockers, Augers, Screw Feeders, Mixers and many other motor applications. etc. For use with Dual-Voltage three phase motors.

  • Built-in Programming keypad, multi function wheel, and Frequency display.
  • Advanced Flux Vector Control.
  • High Reliability, High Durability.
  • Long design life.
  • Fully CE marked and UL Approved.
  • Compact frame size.
  • CNC compatible (0-10v dc, 0-5v dc, 4-20mA)
  • EMC Filter and door mounting keypad options available
  • 0-220V AC Variable frequency three phase output.


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