HMI solutions for every application.

Processes and quality standards are becoming increasingly complex and demanding, requiring industrial automation systems capable of providing much more detailed information on the control processes for plant and machinery.

Mitsubishi Electric provides a broad spectrum of operating and visualisation systems, ranging from simple text-based HMI Solutions to full-featured industrial PCs. The series includes text-based HMI panels, graphical HMI panels, HMI panels with function keys, HMI panels with touch screens and industrial PCs in a variety of different versions.

Mitsubishi Electric has pushed forward the development of its visualisation programme, realigning the products in this sector with a new concept called Vision 1000. This concept is built around three series of products based on the latest technologies: the E1000, IPC1000 and GOT1000 series. All three series share flexibility, openness and seamless compatibility with all Mitsubishi Electric automation systems.

Mitsubishi operating and visualisation systems offer many application advantages:

  • Easier operation and better control of the process
  • A clear representation of the process in text and graphics
  • Generation of reports for quality control and interfaces for process data communications with other departments
  • Precise error messages and instructions
  • Flexible, open and thoroughly compatible with all Mitsubishi automation systems
  • Third-party system compatibility for universal deployment

Si  (Système international d’unités)

Newton,  unit of mechanical force

Tesla,    unit of magnetic field  strength

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