IMO iDrive 2 - Low Cost Inverters

Whether you are a machine builder looking for a high volume cost-effective solution, or an occasional user looking for a drive that is easy to set up, the iDrive 2 is the ultimate low-cost variable speed drive for you!

iDrive 2 is simple to commission using the detachable keypad. For volume users there is a free software package that will allow the bulk transfer of complete parameter sets.

Suitable for Lathe Speed Control, Milling machines, Bench Drills, Hydraulic Car Ramps, Conveyors, Compressors, Saws, Planers, and many more applications.

A range of EMC filter options makes the iDrive 2 suitable for virtually every industrial, commercial or domestic application.

Standard Features:

• RS485/Modbus RTU built-in

• Up to 150% starting torque

• Detachable Keypad (with potentiometer)

• PID Control mode as standard

• Brake chopper built in

• Easy to install

• Side by side mounting (fan cooled models)

• Simple Parameter menu

• Single Phase, 0.4kw~2.2kw

• Three Phase, 0.75~2.2kw

• 5 operation indication LEDs

• DC braking as standard

• Thermostatic cooling fan

• 0-10v & 4-20mA analogue inputs

• 0-10v & 4-20mA analogue output

• Drive mount filter option

• 4/5 Digital inputs

• Password • 2 year warranty • RoHS, CE, TUV compliant • C2 & C3 Filter options

iDrive 2 Filters Earth leakage currents are often problematic when using small drives, but not with the new XKL range. There are several filter options available to suit the environment in which the inverter will be installed, and all are low leakage designs. If you want more information regarding EMC filtering, please contact the Newton Tesla  technical team.

Powerful, configurable and cost-effective For single and three-phase applications up to 2.2kW, the iDrive 2 is the ideal solution for a great variety of applications including Industrial, Commercial and Medical amongst others.

With a 2-year warranty, iDrive 2 offers complete peace of mind.

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