Milling machine motors

What are milling machine motors?

These are the motors that use rotary cutters to remove material in either a direction of choice and at a set angle. The milling machine motors are able to be utilised within many operations and machines. They can be extremely large and heavy duty or small individual parts. Milling machine motors are used widely in industry to change parts into extremely precise shapes and sizes.

The first original milling machine motor was used in the mill which is where the name originates from. The advance in this came with the computer numerical control CNC) version of the milling machine motors and this helped to bring the various centres using this equipment into operation.

The milling machine motors we provide here at Newton Tesler use computerised technology and CNC machinery. The development of the processes uses circuit boards and can often be small enough for sitting on desktop.

The motor can cut at high or low speed depending on the needs of the project. They can be adjusted to work for you as you wish them to. They can be used on flat, curved and irregular surfaces. The workpiece is fed against the rotating cutter and can be used to cut various edges. The spindle is driven by the milling machine motors and this in turn mounts and then revolves the milling cutter and this then in turn mounts and feeds the workpiece through the machine.

Milling machine motors

The milling machine motors can be used in either a vertical or horizontal milling machine. These machines are classed through ram type. Manufacturing, bed type, planer type or knew type. The motors are mostly electric driven and incorporate coolant systems, power operated table feeds and spindle variation speeds.

It is important to remember when using milling machines that incorporate milling machine motors that these must be used with safety in mind. Things to remember when using this equipment ensure that you follow these basic points;

  • Ensure that you use a cover or pad on the table that your machinery is operated on.
  • Make sure that you do not make contact with the revolving cutter.
  • Do not tighten the nuts using machine powered equipment.
  • When installing milling cutters that incorporate a motor then hold them with a rag to ensure that you do not cut your hands.
  • Install the cutter last before starting your project.
  • Never make adjustments to the work piece whilst the motor is in operation.

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